Alisha Dunlap – video


Hey Guys, Cambree and Chanlee were just Captured by Cambrie in Little Rock. Be sure to go and check out Cambrie's Court You ...

Cassadee Dunlap, I heart cheer part 1

Cassadee loves the song I heart cheer by meesh.

Cassadee Dunlap is also a Pageant Princess!

Cassadee is not just a great all-star cheerleader she is also a Pageant Princess and has been doing pageants since she was 6 ...

Cassadee Dunlap Video For Tclm Sr cheerleader of the year! All you gotta do is like her pic

Cassadee needs everyone votes for the Sr cheerleader of the year by going to their fb the cheer leader magazine and Instagram ...

A Day in the Life of a CHI Health Nurse - Alisha Dunlap, RN I wanted to be a nurse since I was 8 years old; I was at the hospital when my cousin was being ...

Cassadee Dunlap Tclm sr cheerleader of the year video!!

It's that time again for the cheer leader magazine sr cheerleader of the year, please go vote by liking her picture on their fb or ig....

Cassadee Dunlap All-Star Cheer Routine JR 12yr old

So proud of cassadee coming off an ankle injury 4 weeks of no practice and wins worlds perfect athlete jr cheerleader!

Cassadee Dunlap, 10 yr old pageant princess.

cassadee at another pageant this summer where she won the ultimate grand supreme. gingerbread nationals 2011!

Cassadee Dunlap I heart cheer part 2

Cassadee loves this song I heart cheer by meesh!

Cheer Perfection Season 1 Episode 1

Back-to-school is coach Alisha Dunlap's favorite time because it marks the start of cheerleading season. When Alisha looks to fill a ...

Cassadee Dunlap, 8yr old Mini Indv Routine. Pretty Impressive.

Working on her Mini Indv Cheer routine for the season she has 2 of them and right now she is working on the shorter one. She has ...

Cassadee Dunlap varsity cheer camp 2016

Shhs varsity at nca cheer camp in Hattisburg, team, top gun tumbler, top gun stunter, and top all American.

Cassadee Dunlap on trampoline

Doing alittle trampoline work!

Cassadee Dunlap tumbling

Cassadee working on a new pass, first night trying it!!!

Cassadee Dunlap Double Backtuck Basket toss in pool!

Cass, Chi, and Jojo working their basket tosses!

Cassadee Dunlap working a new stunt with coach Ryan!

cassadee and coach ryan trying some new stunts they hit it on the 2nd try not the best on cass part but looks like it will be good!

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