Benny Davis – video

Another Four Chords - Human Jukebox

Remix made live with my synth and loop pedal. 10 songs, 1 chord progression. Now available on iTunes!

Six Chords

More songs that sound alike to me. My next video will be called Seven Chords; it will feature every song ever. Now available on ...

The Human Jukebox - Live Requests

A bunch of requests I've had thrown at me at live gigs. Guest vocals from Lee Naimo. Guest pipe blowing from Ben Elwood.

Summer Jam feat. Huntington - Benny Davis

First single from my new album 'I Dunno Just Make It A Cool Font'. Do me a solid and let it play on repeat on every platform.

I Rap Too Fast - Benny Davis

'I Rap Too Fast', a rap song about how rap can be fast - sometimes, TOO fast. Help make this more than just an expensive hobby!

Happy by Pharrell Williams - Human Jukebox feat. Huntington

One-take cover of Pharrell's track from Despicable Me 2. With a little help from my so called friend Huntington. Check him out ...

80s vs 90s vs 00s - Human Jukebox

Studio recording of that mash up, Eurythmics vs The White Stripes vs The Backstreet Boys. They all sound the same to me.

I Just Wanna Dance With You - Benny Davis (Lyric Video)

Hey remember about a month ago how the UN's leading panel on climate change told us we're all doomed? Me neither! Because ...

Benny Davis: Melodica 90s megamix

Benny Davis at Chortle Fast Fringe For more comedy visit FOLLOW Chortle @

90's Megamix Human Jukebox

I got some new toys. Here's a new 90's mix. I am available for parties and functions. Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance ...

Benny Davis - Tell The Truth (1965)

Artist: Benny Davis Song: Tell The Truth Year: 1965 Label: Salem Records ...

Nutella - Benny Davis

You ever order stuff online late at night while you're drunk and when it arrives you're like "oh did I ask for this? Hmmm ok".

Lonely Girl - Benny Davis

My ultimate fantasy when meeting a beautiful woman in a cafe. From the album "I Dunno Just Make It A Cool Font" iTunes: ...

Human Jukebox 90's Megamix Melodica

A tribute to my favourite pop hits of the 90's. See how many you know! Gonna Make You Sweat-0:03 | Get Ready For This-0:11 ...

1926 HITS ARCHIVE: Baby Face - Jan Garber (Benny Davis, vocal)

Ever-popular tune heard here in its early best-selling version with vocal by the song's lyricist Benny Davis. The original 78rpm ...

Waiting For The Weekend - Benny Davis feat. MCBC

So much division in the world today, but there's still one thing that EVERYBODY has in common - we all LUVV the weekend!

Benny Davis' Patreon: Better Than It Sounds

I'm starting a Patreon campaign! I want to make a web series where I explain everything I know about music through the pop ...

Benny Plays Your Requests #1 | Axis of Awesome

Benny Davis, from The Axis of Awesome, plays requests from our Facebook fans on his melodica. Subscribe For More: ...

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