Clarence Adrian Villafuerte – video

For Clarence Adrian Villafuerte

We Love And Support Clarence Adrian DJ Villafuerte I LOVE HER SO MUCH I'M PROUD TO B.

Clarence Adrian Villafuerte

Inspired kase ako Dhil kay Clarence Adrian Villafuerte sna makita niya tong video :(

PRANK CALLING YOUTUBERS! (Niana, Hailey, Angel, Chicser) | Posadas Brothers


Clarence Adrian Villafuerte

Sorry Di ganon Ka Perfect Just For Him ♥

Clarence Adrian Villafuerte / Chicser / - Wedding Dress

First time to make a video like this because of you Cav : ) Follow me Clarence : ) @alegrejoanna.

Clarence Adrian Villafuerte singing "Be alright" #ChillinwithChicser (Music Museum)

Cav singing be alright on their Concert! #Chillinwithchicser Follow me one twitter @Catchmeplss.

Clarence Adrian Villafuerte

I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator (

Clarence Adrian J Villafuerte

Dahil Crush na Crush kita : i Love you Cav Follow me on twitter : Subscribe me on Fb ...

Na kay CAV na ang Lahat ( Clarence Adrian Villafuerte )

Made by: Loen Fernandez Follow me on Twitter: @maecutiie.

For Clarence Adrian Villafuerte

Hey guys! Thanks for watching. I made this simple video for CAV because I love him and I'll support Chicser especially Cav.

Clarence Adrian is my Inspiration

Uhm. Dedicated for Clarence Adrian J. Villafuerte. He's My Idol. Yun lang. :)

Chicser - Clarence Adrian J. Villafuerte

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You and I for Clarence Adrian Villafuerte- Chicser :)

You and I By Chance cover Mitch Sampaga this is for you Cav, chicser44 and also chicser. :) hope you'll like it! :D Sorry for the ...

Call Me Maybe (Cover) - Jamich Ft. Chicser

Just for fun. Enjoy! Love & peace ☺♥ MUSIC Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe JAMICH - @ilovejamich Jam Sebastian ...

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