Dan Smith (Tattoo Artist) – video

Tattoo Artist Dan Smith

LA Ink tattoo artist and vocalist for The Dear & Departed lets you know that fur is "backward" and how important animal adoption is.

Amplified with Captured Tattoo's Dan Smith

Episode 1 of our Amplified Series: Expert Cuts, Amplified Style. Captured Tattoo artist, and Sharp/Shock bass player & vocalist, ...

Brighton Tattoo Convention with | Dan Smith

In the next installment in our series taking a look at some of the artists taking part in the ninth annual Brighton Tattoo Convention, ...

Tattoo Tuesdays: Episode 3

Travis Barker presents...Tattoo Tuesdays http://bit.ly/TattooTuesdays In this months episode of Tattoo Tuesday we visit Toby Morse ...

Dan Smith from The Dear & The Departed & LA Ink

My man Dan Smith is a focused, positive, hardworking straight edge kid living his dream in the USA!

Art and Seeking: Talking to Punk Me Tender

This interview with street artist Punk Me Tender IS a piece of art! This video was created by the artist and keeping it true to him, we ...

Kyle Dunbar Attacks Chris Nunez 👊 Top 5 Moment from Ink Master Season 4

After hearing one bad critique after another, Kyle has had enough of Chris Núñez's harsh comments and decides to take action.

Dan Smith "With The Light of Truth"

www.highvoltagetattoo.com www.dansmithtattoos.com www.tattooartistmagazineblog.com www.tattooartistmagazine.com ...

Dan Smith, professional tattoo artist - Episode 119

For more information visit 100wordspodcast.com.

LA Ink- All About The Heart

For more, visit http://tlc.howstuffworks.com/tv/la-ink/#mkcpgn=yttlc1 | Rooftop and Dan deal with drama when tensions are high at ...

NZ International Tattoo & Art Expo 2011 Dan Smith - TV3 News coverage

Footage from interview with Dan Smith for the NZ International Tattoo & art Expo in Hamilton, NZ, February 2011.

What's your worst tattoo? Punk Rock Holiday 2017

We all have one bad tattoo. At least David does. Let's see if there's any punk out here on Punk Rock Holiday with the same ...


I tattooed Mario Desa at my house. Here it is.

Bill at High Voltage Tattoo with Dan Smith

Bill getting "CHOOSE LIFE" / Prov. 31:8 tattoo by the artist Dan Smith. This phrase and verse mean a lot to Bill because of his ...

Dan Smith at NZ Tattoo & Art Festival 2016

Dan Smith from LA Ink will be at the NZ Tattoo & Art Festival on the 26 & 27 of November 2016 in New Plymouth ...

Interview with Hurley featured artist, Dan Smith

Interview with Dan Smith the tattoo artist from the hit show La Ink.

STANCE Socks Tattoo promo video Grime, BJ Betts, Shawn Barber and Dan Smith

Promo video Stance made for us to promote the socks we were able to make with them.

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