Daryl Haney – video

LA Ink: In Memory of Dimebag Darrell

Rita comes in for a tattoo in remembrance of former guitarist for Pantera and life companion Dimebag Darrell after his tragic and ...

Guitar - Dimebag Darrell's Riffer Madness: "Save Me" Riff, Solo, & Outro

The legendary metal guitarist Dimebag Darrell personally shares a free lesson on how to play "Save Me" (riff, solo, and outro), ...

Subversia Trailer

Author Duke Haney talks about his journey as an author.

Natural Golf Swing | Learn Darrell's PowerPoint Secret

If you need to hit longer and straighter, here is the best way to do it. Find your natural golf swing, and use this technique.

Center Of My Joy - Darrell Winn

Darrell Winn and the Family Worship Center Resurrection Choir and singers perform "Center Of My Joy."

The Nervous Breakdown's Literary Experience - LA - 09.20.09 - D.R. HANEY

D.R. Haney reads from his novel BANNED FOR LIFE at TheNervousBreakdown.com's Literary Experience in Los Angeles.

Darrell Winn - The King Of Who I Am

Darrell Winn with help from the Family Worship Center Resurrection choir and musicians performs a stellar rendition of "The King ...

Dimevision Vol. 2: Roll With It Or Get Rolled Over - CPAP clip

Fans of Dimebag Darrell, Pantera, and Damageplan who have had the opportunity to watch Dimevision Vol 1: That's The Fun I Have ...

How I Became Human

A mini-documentary about D.R. Haney, author of the new nonfiction collection SUBVERSIA, now available from TNB Books.

Life Among the Cannibals (1996) - Dear Dumbass

Rachel (Juliet Landau) is payed a visit by serial killer Troy (Daryl Haney) who believes she backed into his van.

Bobby Tongs (Dimebag's Right-hand Man): Dimevision, PANTERA's Home Videos & More!

On this very special edition of the NO LIMITS MUSIC SHOW, Bobby Tongs (Dimebag Darrell's right-hand man) discusses ...

Easy Way to Fix Fat Golf Shots | Darrell Klassen

Stop hitting fat golf shots. Would you like to learn the easy way or the hard way to fix hitting fat, or hitting behind the ...

SWNG PATH vs ALIGNMENT | What is Most Important to Hit Great Golf Shots?

You don't need to worry about alignment. More info here: https://www.darrellsgolftraining.com/perfectshotcontrol If you like ...

Darrell Winn - Little Is Much When God Is In It

Darrell Winn with a little help from Kim Coleman and the Family Worship Center Resurrection choir and singers performs "Little is ...

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