Dermot Morgan – video

Dermot Morgan Live

Dermot Morgan performs his one man show live at Olympia Theatre in Dublin on 16th April 1994. Produced by: Dermot Morgan ...

Dermot Morgan Late Late Show tribute

Dermot Morgan Late Late Show tribute.

Dermot Morgan - Release the little bollocks!

Dermot Morgan Live singing release the little bollocks.

Dermot Morgan - Thank You Very Much Mr. Eastwood

Comedy hit from the late Dermot Morgan about boxer Barry McGuigan always thanking his manager (mister) Barney Eastwood at ...

Dermot Morgan Live - An Taoiseach

Dermot Morgan Live Another Dermot Morgan Joke, called An Taoiseach. Still some more I have to upload, going a bit slow, Enjoy.

Remembering Dermot Morgan | Dermot on the Late Late Show

In this appearance on the Late Late Show, Dermot talks about his move from Ireland to England.

Small, Far Away - The World of Father Ted, pt 3.

On the 15th anniversary of its launch, this documentary follows Father Ted creators Graham Linehan and Arthur Mathews as they ...

Dermot Morgan - Cabaret (Garda) Patrol- The Live Mike 1982- RTE

Father Ted star Dermot Morgan in one of his many sketches on The Live Mike.

Dermot Morgan Live - Bertie

Dermot Morgan Live Short Bertie Ahern Joke.

Dermot Morgan & Ardal O'Hanlon's Father Ted segment (Comic Relief, 1997)

Comic Relief: Close Encounters of the Furred Kind, 14/03/97 - all I have of the Father Ted half-hour that played late in the evening, ...

The Late Late Show Dermot Morgan Tribute

On the Friday following Dermot Morgan's death in 1998, Gay Byrne introduced a compilation of clips of Morgan's appearances on ...

Dermot Morgan Stand Up 1990 | Grintage Ireland

Dermot Morgan (Father Ted himself) rocks a full house at the Olympia for 8 minutes of NEVER BEFORE SEEN comedy from the ...

Dermot Morgan RTE Documentary 2003 (FULL) + extra clips

True Lives documentary with Father Ted clips removed.

Dermot Morgan (Father Ted) In The Early Days

Dermot Morgan (Father Ted) In The Early Days Acting On RTE.

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