Elaine Bradley – video

Elaine Bradley At Guitar Center

Elaine Bradley, of Neon Trees, stopped by our the Guitar Center Hollywood Vintage Room to talk about the genesis of her musical ...

Elaine Bradley, Neon Trees Drummer - 3 Questions with Bob Evans

The drummer for Neon Trees joins Bob Evans for 3 Questions.


Neon Trees are currently without drummer Elaine Bradley due to maternity leave, and Tyler Glenn and Branden Campbell talk ...

Announcement from Elaine Bradley

Here are some words of wisdom with Elaine Bradley while she is staying home during the quarantine in Germany. Elaine is the ...

Dreams-----Neon Trees

Live From Daryl's House with Daryl Hall and The Neon Trees.

Mi chiamo Elaine Bradley e sono mormone

Elaine Bradley, mormone e batterista dei Neon Trees, sa che il suo rapporto con Dio le dà libertà. Niente la fa sentire viva come ...

Q&A with Elaine Bradley

On location with Gretsch artist Elaine Bradley.

Neon Trees Drummer

It's play time for little two-year old Bryce who's mom and dad have no problems diving right into being kids themselves. Walking ...

Kids Interview Bands Neon Trees

Olivia interviewed Tyler Glenn and Elaine Bradley of Neon Trees at The Newport Music Hall in Columbus, Ohio on June 30, 2014.

Elaine Bradley - Just a Kid - AUDIO-FILES: 12 Bands of Christmas

Elaine Bradley - Just a Kid (Original) - AUDIO-FILES: 12 Bands of Christmas. Follow Elaine from Neon Trees on Twitter here: ...

Elaine Bradley on Jesus Christ

Elaine Bradley describes her journey of creating a personal relationship with God and the vital role Jesus Christ plays in helping ...

Me llamo Elaine Bradley y soy mormona

La mormona Elaine Bradley, baterista de los Neon Trees, sabe que su relación con Dios le brinda libertad. Nunca se siente más ...

Neon Trees - Elaine Bradley & Brandon Campbell drum duet

Neon Trees performing live for Rock the Vote at Mizner Park Amphitheater in Boca Raton, Florida on October 22, 2012.

Neon Trees, Don't You Want Me

I found my favorite drummer: Elaine Bradley, Neon Trees.

Elaine Bradley on the Book of Mormon | ComeUntoChrist.org

All those years, I had missed the very basic, very important message of the Book of Mormon—it's about Jesus Christ.” Elaine ...

Elaine Bradley spiega la sua fede in Gesù Cristo

Elaine Bradley descrive il viaggio che l'ha porta a creare un rapporto personale con Dio e il ruolo vitale che Gesù Cristo ricopre ...

Sou Elaine Bradley e sou Mórmon

A mórmon Elaine Bradley, baterista do Neon Trees, sabe que seu relacionamento com Deus lhe dá liberdade. Ela nunca se ...

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