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Emilio Dosal | FrontRow | World of Dance Houston 2016 | #WODHTOWN16

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Emilio Dosal & Phillip Chbeeb | FRONTROW | World of Dance Hawaii 2016 | #WODHI16

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"Evil Storm" | @IaMEmiliodosal Choreography | Emilio Dosal

First off want to say thank you to Phillip Chbeeb for not only letting me use this song from his choreography video "Redi" but also ...

Emilio Dosal @IaMEmiliodosal | Starry Eyed Ft. PHAMish @S0PHAMish

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Fix You @coldplay | Choreography @IaMEmiliodosal & @Kelsey_Landers

Kelsey Landers & I made this piece for my best friend Christina Ouk (Thina). Recently she was diagnosed with Lupus & has been ...

Stay With Me @boyceavenue @samsmithworld | choreography @IaMEmiliodosal & @Kelsey_Landers

This concept video is simply about love. More so the hardships & decisions you make when you are in love that affect your life.

Emilio (Millie) Dosal: Moments In Love

Been saving this solo up for a while now. Stay tuned, because I'm coming out with more ;-) Subscribe!!!!!!

Fight Or Flight | Choreography @IaMEmiliodosal & @phillipchbeeb | @_elderbrook

Fear forfeits choice... Because it is a choice. Song: "Could" by Elderbrook @_elderbrook Thank you to: Vinny Balboa ...

"White Satin" By: Emilio "Millie" Dosal (I.aM.mE)

I really wanted to show everyone my progression through the past few months since my last freestyle video... Style is a little ...

Down @marianhillmusic | Choreography by @IaMEmiliodosal & @erica_klein

A short choreography film of two curious people. Thank you to the amazing Erica Klein for doing this video with me in such short ...

Touch @Thecxde | Choreography by @IaMEmiliodosal & @AglaeKounkou

Booking inquiries: [email protected] Choreography by: Emilio Dosal & Aglaë Kounkou Artist: The Code "Touch" ...

Fkin' Problem A$AP Rocky | Emilio Dosal @IaMEmiliodosal ft. @AntoineTroupe @Shaboobs @AnzeSkrube

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@IaMEmiliodosal | "Out Of My Mind"- B.o.B ft. Nicki Minaj

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Emilio "Millie" Dosal - Sexy Lady

Dance starts at about 00:50. With a special appearance! :) I.aM.mE.'s workshop in the Philippines, 2nd Day, April 15.

"Posted" | @IaMEmiliodosal choreography | Emilio Dosal

Booking info: [email protected] Haven't done a piece like this in a long while, hope you all enjoy it! Share it, like it, ...

Jaja Vankova & Emilio Dosal present: " Devil's Contract "

" Sinning clown has a meeting with the devil, where they're playing cards. The clown loses and has to give his life to the devil.

Selfie Turn with Emilio Dosal

Selfie Turn 3 Questions with people I admire.

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