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Frank Cho Drawing Demo - Drawing with a Ballpoint Pen

A quick drawing demo with a ballpoint pen. (BIC ballpoint pen, Strathmore Bristol board with vellum surface.) You can follow me ...


There are people who actually want to stop Frank Cho from making a living based on what he draws.

Spotlight on the DC Comics Frank Cho Poster Portfolio

Check out my website,, for a cool selection of comics and statues for sale.

Frank Cho Drawing Demo - Red Sonja

Sorry for the long delay. folks. Had some serious problems with my GroPro camera. (Damn finicky machine.) My buddy, Brandon ...

Outrage! The Frank Cho v Greg Rucka comic book feud

A strange feud in 2016 between Greg Rucka (Lazarus, Lois Lane) and Frank Cho (Liberty Meadows, Mighty Avengers) and the "did ...

Frank Cho Art Demo - Wonder Woman

Inking the Wonder Woman art commission that I just finished drawing, focusing mostly on the hair. You can follow me on my ...

Frank Cho - Ballpoint Pen Drawing Torso

Working on one of my ballpoint pen drawings for my latest art book, Ballpoint Beauties.

Frank Cho | Making a Living

Filmed May 21, 2011 at the Big Wow! Comic Convention Frank Cho describes how his parents reacted to his decision to pursue a ...

Frank Cho - Drawing Venom Part 1/3 (February 2019)

Here's me drawing one of my favorite characters from the Spider-Man universe -Venom, from start to finish. Hope you guys enjoy it ...

Frank Cho

3 art books from Frank Cho.

Drawing beautiful women the Frank cho method

An in depth look on one of the hardest thing to draw in comics (sexy women) from one of the top comic book artist. Highly ...

Frank Cho's Ballpoint Beauties Review

This is a review of Comic Book Superstar artist Frank Cho's new art book, Ballpoint Beauties. In the Art book from Flesk Publishing ...

Frank Cho Art Demo - Drawing A Werewolf, Part 1 0f 2

Hey, guys. Here's me working on a big Frankenstein's Monster battling a clan of werewolves. This is for a creator own project that ...

Unboxing: Drawing Beautiful Women: The Frank Cho Method

Frank Cho of Marvel and Liberty Meadows fame has finally with the help of Kickstarter and Flesk Publications put out a How To ...

Drawing Beautiful Women: The Frank Cho Method Book Trailer

Frank Cho, the acclaimed creator of Liberty Meadows, shares his secrets to drawing the lovely women he is renowned for.

Frank Cho Drawing Savage Beauty

Frank Cho drawing his Savage Beauty artwork used for one of the gatefolds in Drawing Beautiful Women: the Frank Cho Method.

Frank Cho & Ivy Doomkitty - Figure Drawing

Frank Cho drawing Ivy Doomkitty as Shanna the She-Devil and demonstrating how to figure draw at the 2014 Big Wow ComicFest ...

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