GabbyGoos – video


Gavin Serotkin rockin' the drum kit at John O'Neal's party in Springboro.




Bus ride home after tennis.

My sister is learning how to ride my hover board on her feet! (This turned in to a dance party!)

sorry I have not been posting lately I have been really busy and and the last time I tried to post it deleted my video.

Runaway love

read READ read READ ! not my best but i love gabbygoo (; so dats why HAHA we had so much fun making this ! NOTE:no one got ...

how to do a backbend kick over and a handstand backbend

this is the video on how to do a backbend by ley lovers

Funniest Cat Vines #83 - Updated August 28th, 2015

nekokamasu - # # #catsofvine #vine # # #catvine # #cat Cayden Cuva - little nugget #kitten #kittens #catsofvine Hanabokuro ...


Buuuuus ridessss.

Teresa's Furever Friend of the Week: Gabby

Gabby is waiting for you now at Always & Furever Midwest Animal Sanctuary❤️ She is 2 years old, loves belly rubs and wags her ...

Olympic Medalist Wins Big With Surprise Marriage Proposal

Will Claye and his fiance Queen Harrison talked to Juan Fernandez about the special moment.

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