Garrett Hunter – video

The Best of Mega64's Garrett Hunter (Part 1)

The first part of a happy birthday tribute to a Mr. Frootsnax himself, Garrett Hunter of Mega64.

The Best of Mega64's Garrett Hunter (Part 6)

Part 6 of the best of Mega64's Garrett Hunter from 2014-2018. All clips from, ...

Neighborhood Game Club #5 - Garrett Hunter (Mega64)

Frank visits Mega64's Garret Hunter for a tour of his huge collection and to talk in depth about PlayStation 1, Resident Evil, ...

Garrett Hunter: Life, Props & Mega64

I had the chance to sit down with artist Garrett Hunter, who's most notably known for his work with Mega64. He talks props, make ...

The Best of Garrett Hunter (Part 5)

Part 5 of the Best of Mega64's Garrett Hunter.

The Best of Garrett Hunter (Part 4)

The final installment (for now) of the very best of our boy Frootsnax, Garrett Hunter. Thanks to the shout out on Twitter also, Garrett!

The Best of Garrett Hunter (Part 3)

The third part in my series of videos compiling the best of Mega64's Garrett Hunter.

Mega64: A Prank on Garrett

Garrett filmed behind-the-scenes footage for our Version 3 DVD. Sometimes he filmed things in a strange way. Naturally, we had ...

Mega64 Podcast 348 - Garrett Reacts to Music Video

Garrett reacts to Adanowsky's "Would You Be Mine" video. Censored for Youtube Terms of Service, and your workplace.

Yes Skateboarding - Garrett Hunter - 1999

old skate video from high shchool as seen partially on mega64 podcast 150 something.

Garrett Hunter POORLY PLAYED Show Promo

Garrett Hunter plays games LIVE every Wednesday night at 7PM Pacific! Join in, watch, interact, and suffer as he does. You can ...

The Best of Garrett Hunter (Part 2)

The 2nd part of my birthday tribute to Garrett Hunter. Remix at the end is by the talented Joe64: ...

The Best of Garrett Hunter's Poorly Played Stream - Prank Calls 1-32

The best of the first 32 prank calls by Garrett Hunter on his Poorly Played Stream.

I'm Garrett Hunter

I've mastered this impression.


5:30 in the morn I spotted this woman having issues in the streets than I got my breakfast and learned of her adventures so I went ...

Voice Acting Reel Garrett Hunter 2014

Looking to do some more voices. contact: [email protected]

Garrett Grand Master Hunter II Metal Detector In Depth Test

Testing a 27 year old Garrett metal Detector in my test bed Not deep by no means. Maybe 6 inches at best on coins Very good ...

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