Gary Chester – video

"The New Breed" by Gary Chester explained!

In this video, I will explain how I practice using the New Breed method, including how to vocalize the parts and how to keep track ...

Famous Musicians on Gary Chester

Watch famous musicians Dave Weckl, Kenny Aronoff, Peter Erskine, and bassist John Patitucci, (for Chick Corea), discuss their ...

Demo - Gary Chester's "New Breed"

Demonstration of practice method out of Gary Chester's drum instructional book "The New Breed". This shows a brief sampling of ...

Dave Weckl On Drumming Before and After Studying with Gary Chester

This is excerpt is from my August 5, 1983 interview with Dave Weckl. Modern Drummer published a much shorter version of this ...

Legendary Drum Teacher Gary Chester on Becoming Successful Legendary Drum Teacher Gary Chester on Becoming Successful. This Footage is from a Sam Ash ...

Gary Chester - The New Breed - Coordination and Independence Practice

Me playing some beats in the hands and adding a bass melody to it. Hope you guys like it :-)

5 Most Important Drum Books Every Drummer Should Own

The fastest way to get faster on drums: ► Even with all of the incredible videos you can find on ...

New Breed System 2 I-A

This multi-angled video is for drummers to play along with to ensure they are playing the New Breed exercises correctly.

Gary Chester "My right hand is great but my left hand sucks"

Join us on Garys home away from home at: If you are a ...

Gary Chester - Teaching as a Way of Life

This is an excerpt from my Sept. 18, 1982 with Gary Chester which I transcribed, edited, and published as a Modern Drummer ...

Katrina Chester on Her Father Drummer Gary Chester

Watch Katrina Chester, singer, songwriter, musician, and daughter of legendary East Coast session drummer Gary Chester discuss ...

Gary Chester's New Breed 1A

Ejercicio 1A. New Breed Ostinato Funk semicorcheas Metrónomo a tiempo Negra 50 2 sistemas por modalidad (1 por mano)

Gary Chaffee - Drumhead Solo (left)

Gary Chaffee Drumhead Magazine Solo

New Breed System 3 I-A

This is a multi angled video to show how to play New Breed System 3 1-A.

The intro to Gary Chester,s system # 11

Description here.If you would like the PDF,s email me [email protected]

New Breed II by Gary Chester and Chris Adams - First System (Broken number 1)

This is just the very first system with Melody 1 played on the bass drum. I am making this public, warts and all, just to show another ...

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