Hannah-Beth Jackson – video

#107 - Hannah Beth Jackson

Hannah Beth Jackson is California state senator representing the 19th senate district in Santa Barbara. A short episode, she ...

Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson Drone Hearing Opening Statement

Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson (D-Santa Barbara) opens a Senate hearing on the subject of drones.

Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson - AB 60

State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson speaks in support of AB 60.

Senate Spotlight - Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson (episode 27)

Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson (D-Santa Barbara), Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Women's Legislative Caucus, ...

Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson SB 400 Press Conference

SB 400 by State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson (D-Santa Barbara) that would prevent employers from firing or discriminating ...

Bill Aims to Protect Women on California College Campuses

A new bill was introduced this week by state senator Hannah-Beth Jackson calls for a cultural change on college campuses when ...

Ribbon-Cutting: State Senator HANNAH-BETH JACKSON

The TEEN PRESS talked with attendees before the event celebrating Ernie Brooks' gift of the Jefferson campus to Santa Barbara ...

Bill to allow community colleges

Bill authored by Hannah Beth-Jackson intended to help community colleges expel students guilty of off campus sex crimes.

Family of Noah Scott receives memorial resolution from Senator Hanna-Beth Jackson

Family of Noah Scott receives memorial resolution from Senator Hanna-Beth Jackson.

CA state senator bans gendered pronouns, but then violates her own rules over and over

California Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson, with committee approval, instituted new rules in the Senate Judiciary Committee she ...

Hannah-Beth Jackson, Member, California State Senate

Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson talks to Time Warner Cable Local Edition host, Bella Shaw, about introducing a bill that would stop ...

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