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The Iron Sheik vs Sgt. Slaughter 4/23/84

Sergeant Slaughter defends the Red, White and Blue when he takes on his dastardly nemesis The Iron Sheik - from MSG 4/23/84.

Iron Sheik goes nuts

The Iron Sheik talks about his Wrestlemania III match with The Killer Bees. Witness his stylin' Kurt Angle t-shirt and replica world ...

The Iron Sheik Hall Of Fame Speech 2005

Iron Sheik Hall of Fame Speech in 2005

Best Promos - Iron Sheik - Zoom It!

This channel contains the best wrestling promos of all time, as well as a few clips which might as well be wrestling promos.

Icons of Wrestling - The Iron Sheik

Intelligent biography series of famous Icons of Wrestling. This episode features The Iron Sheik. Produced by Keep it in the family ...

Iron Sheik on Which Wrestlers are D!CKS!

Subscribe to Kayfabe Commentaries Clips for the best of KC's shoot interview library including YouShoot, Timeline WWE, WCW ...

Iron Sheik A to the Z

The Iron Sheik tries to get his medicine and tells us who is no good.

Howard HTVOD Iron Sheik Becomes Unhinged And Throws Bottle At Will

HowardSternShow #HTVOD Welcome to HOWARD RADIO chanel ! Please like and subscribe to my channel to more videos .

iron sheik interview very very funny

iron sheik steaming drunk slagging everyone off.

Andre the Giant vs The Iron Sheik

From the Nassau Coliseum, September 1984. A pretty weird match with Kamala's manager Friday as the special guest referee for ...

Beetlejuice vs. Iron Sheik - Howard Stern

Beetlejuice vs. Iron Sheik - Howard Stern.

Wrestlers Speak on The Iron Sheik

Wrestlers Speak on The Iron Sheik Numerous WWE Legends and Hall of Famers speak on controversial former World Champion ...

Jim Cornette Tells a Classic Iron Sheik Story! - "F#@K DA COMMISSIONER!"

From YouShoot with Jim Cornette - Jim Cornette Tells a Classic Iron Sheik Story! - "F#@K DA COMMISSIONER!"

Iron Sheik Shows Sting How To Swing!

Even in 1989 at the age of 46, Khosrow Vaziri still has that Olympic stamina.

Ultimate Warrior vs Iron Sheik fight incident

Ultimate Warrior upsets the Iron Sheik at an autograph signing in NJ in May 07 by refusing to shake his hand. Sheik flips out and ...

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