Jimmy Nelson – video

Jimmy Nelson: Gorgeous portraits of the world's vanishing people

When Jimmy Nelson traveled to Siberia to photograph the Chukchi people, elders told him: "You cannot photograph us. You have ...

Before they pass away: Jimmy Nelson at TEDxAmsterdam

Produced by: http://www.fellermedia.com Camera & Crew: http://www.hoens.tv With his pictures, photographer Jimmy Nelson ...

Jimmy Nelson | See the bigger picture

Traditionally speaking at the end of the year bottles of champagne are popped to consolidate the year that is about to pass and to ...

Introducing Jimmy Nelson

Jimmy Nelson Pictures B.V. 2016.

Searching for authenticity | Jimmy Nelson | TEDxArendal

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. "Searching for authenticity" is a set of ...

7 lessons I learnt from photography (feat. Jimmy Nelson)

Watch travel photographer Jimmy Nelson share some of his most intimate stories and useful tips from his trips around the world.

Photographer Spotlight: Jimmy Nelson

English photographer Jimmy Nelson describes meeting Siberian Kazakh warriors during his latest worldwide photo project.

Baja Fishing Adventure "Livin the Dream with Capt. Jimmy Nelson"

Capt. Jimmy Nelson and Luiza spend squeeze a little bit of everything in this trip. They start off with some fun inshore trolling and ...

Jimmy Nelson 2017 Highlights

MLB owns the videos used. 2017 Stats - 12 W 6 L, 3.49 ERA, 29 GS, 1 CG, 175.1 IP, 199 SO Career Stats ...

The "Art" of Communication | Jimmy Nelson | TEDxInstitutLeRosey

Recording and communicating with tribes and peoples to produce remarkable photographs of cultures before they pass away.

The global language of photography | Jimmy Nelson | TEDxCannes

Between 2010 and 2014, Jimmy Nelson travelled the world to document some of the most fantastic indigenous cultures left on the ...

Jimmy Nelson - Blink. And they're gone - short version

Blink. And they're gone. 2018 ends with a worldwide call to preserve cultural identity. Take pride in indigenous culture and join the ...

Jimmy Nelson with the iconic Maasai in Tanzania

Jimmy Nelson is in Tanzania to photograph the iconic Maasai! Take a look behind the scenes of the photoshoots for the project ...

Jimmy Nelson.wmv

Here is a better version of a video I posted several month ago. Still not perfect but much better.

Jimmy Nelson, Danny O'Day, Farfel--Nestle's Cocoa Commercial, 1956

Ventriloquist Jimmy Nelson and his pals Danny O'Day and Farfel, joined by Gordon MacRae, promote Nestle's Cocoa in this 1956 ...

Behind the scenes with Jimmy Nelson in Mustang, Nepal

Up until twenty years ago, Mustang was impossible to get to. A kingdom, lost to the world – remote, untouched, forbidden even.

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