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John Betjeman: Late Flowering Lust with Nigel Hawthorne

No copyright infringement is intended.This film is now out of print, and literally impossible to acquire online or in stores.

BRANCH LINE - 1 - Sir John Betjeman

Part 1 - A 1963 BBC programme showing the 24 mile S&D line from Evercreech Junction. In this first episode we reach Highbridge ...

Sir John Betjeman on the end of steam trains - 'Railways For Ever' (1970)

This film is available to buy as part of the 18-disc boxset 'The British Transport Films Collection' ...

BBC TV “A Passion for Churches”: John Betjeman 1974

A "celebration of the C of E" by the Poet Laureate, who looks at several churches in the Diocese of Norwich and considers their ...

Sir John Betjeman reads his poem "Christmas" (1954).

A Merry Christmas to one and all! Read by the author - former Poet Laureate of the United Kingdom. Here Sir John Betjeman ...

John Betjeman: Architecture of Bath

Here, Betjeman takes on the persona of a property developer to satirically critique the architectural trends taking hold in the 60s.

Sir John Betjeman reads "Norfolk" (1954) - his poem about lost innocence.

Sir John Betjeman, poet, 1906 – 1984. "Of unkept promises, and broken hearts". We all know what Betjeman meant by that.

"Thank God It's Sunday" with John Betjeman (1972)

Thank God It's Sunday (1972). Two programmes with John Betjeman. Introduced by Alan Bennett.

Kenneth Williams, Maggie Smith & John Betjemen on Parky pt1/2

Kenny plays it straight (almost!) PART TWO is at

John Betjeman meets Les Patterson

Sir Les pops in for a chat with Sir John.

BRANCH LINE - 3 - Sir John Betjeman

Part 3 - The final part of the 1963 BBC film. Sir John Betjeman completes his journey along the 24 mile branch line from ...

Thank God it's Sunday! by John Betjeman (1972) part 1

Film with John Betjeman's poetry and scenes from various locations in Southern England. Introduction by Alan Bennett.

Time With Betjeman Episode 2

Time With Betjeman Episode 2 (1983) Series of programmes celebrating the work and ways of the Poet Laureate.

John Betjeman's Gloucestershire

Take a leisurely stroll around the picturesque Gloucestershire village Eastleach Martin with poet John Betjeman. Nestling into ...

Summoned by Bells - Sir John Betjeman (1976) 1/6

John Betjeman explores his early life, from his Edwardian childhood up to his time at Oxford in the 1920s. Written by Sir John ...

BRANCH LINE - 2 - Sir John Betjeman

Part 2 - Continuing the BBC broadcast of 1963 we look at Highbridge and the freight trains which were still running to Burnham on ...

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