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John Dahl does overview of golf swing with

John Dahl hits balls with 8 iron and discusses impact with this iron. Great rear view of John hitting shots. [email protected], ...

Do NOT support Pranksters in Love anymore

This video is really meant for me to really help a certain someone from having more money made off of them. And to prevent ...


John is making excuses not to come home. Nikki got sick and attempts doing crafts with Iris. We are Nikki, John and Iris. Nikki and ...

The Turn in the Golf Swing- John Dahl Golf

John uses some props to show you how the turn works in the Golf Swing.

TOP 10 GOALS | Jon Dahl Tomasson

ABONNEER ▶️ VOLG ONS OOK OP: ▶️ Instagram: ...

nikki and john break up :(

nikki and john break up Nikki and John is one of my favorite YouTube so sad to see him break up nikki and john work stuff out ...

John Dahl Teaches Jeff" To get angry" with golf

John Dahl teaches Jeff to get some"Pure Anger" with the golf swing. He tell Jeff to say to the Ball- Good Bye Ball-with authority!

We Have To Move

We got word that we need to move out of our home within 90 days. We are currently going through a lot of emotions. We don't ...


Check out this awesome charity: John was in the dog house a little bit for staying out with his ...

Hitting Golf Balls through Hoops -John Dahl Golf

John uses hoops to hit the golf ball through.

Jon Dahl Tomasson alle 52 mål på landsholdet

Jon Dahl Tomasson Danmarks farligste angriber i nyere tid, se alle hans 52 mål for Landsholdet samt brændt chance, forkert ...

Jon Dahl Tomasson - 22 goals in Serie A (Milan 2002-2005)

Jon Dahl Tomasson, born 29 August 1976 in Copenhagen (Denmark). 76 games and 22 goals in Serie A, all with AC Milan.

John Dahl The Grip

John shows you with latex gloves how to put your hands on the club.

Tom Hoge hitting driver at Oxbow with John Dahl

Tom Hoge playing Oxbow Cc with John Dahl. Tom shot a 62 that day. Ten under par. For more of Tom Hoge's golf swing ...

John Dahl showing student how to hit balls with loose arms and wrists

John Demonstrates how loose your wrists and arms can be to hit the ball hard and straight.

John Dahl Hitting Out of the Sand

John shows us how to pick a spot in the sand to get the ball out .

John Dahl discusses how the golf swing is like ringing the bell at the fair.

John Dahl discusses Grip Pressure, How to hit the ball like hammering a nail or ringing a bell. The golf swing is like pounding a ...

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