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Secret Service Wants to Talk to ‘Stuttering John’ Melendez After Trump Prank

The Secret Service came looking for comedian John Melendez, known to many as Stuttering John, following his prank call to the ...

Stuttering John responds to Howard Stern on air jab

Stuttering John responds to Howard Stern on air jab Copyright Stuttering John Podcast.

The Stuttering John Podcast (Full Video) -Ronnie Mund retiring.

Stuttering John rails into Howard for being a hypocrite, Why Gary is a bumbling baboon, & we talk about Ronnie Mund retiring.

The Stuttering John Podcast-May 5th, 2020

John talks to Producer & Comedian Noel Casler about just how corrupt the Trump Administration is.

Stuttering John Melendez: Howard Stern said horrible things

Why did 'Stuttering John' leave the Howard Stern show? Sure, the money helped. But he told New Jersey 101.5's Steve Trevelise ...

John's 1st TNT show

My first guest appearance on The Tonight Show which got me my job. It's a matter of being at the right place, at the right time, ...

Interview with @LincolnsBible

The Stuttering John Podcast with Noel Casler. An interview with anonymous Twitter handle @LincolnsBible Copyright Stuttering ...

Rick Wilson Interview with John and Noel

Rick Wilson lets loose on the truth about Trump. The Stuttering John Podcast with guest host Noel Casler. Copyright Stuttering ...

The Stuttering John Podcast-May 10th, 2020

Stuttering John talks to Kyle from Saiyanzentertainment, & Monique from RadioGunk about the creepazoid known as JD ...

The Stuttering John Podcast-April 30th, 2020

John talks to former Stern Show staffer, ______, about their times on the show, plus your questions, Superchats get quicker ...

Howard Stern's rebuttal to Stuttering John's comments

Back in 2008 John Melendez (aka Stuttering John) was on the Adam Carolla show and discussed his time working with Howard, ...

The Stuttering John Podcast-May 7th, 2020

Part II of this amazing interview with Producer/Comedian Noel Casler on just how corrupt the Trump/Kushner regime really is.

The Stuttering John Podcast-May 21st, 2020

John talks with Celebrity Apprentice Producer Noel Casler & Ben, Brett, & Jordan from The Snake... We also interview Sarah ...

Stuttering John First day on Leno

Stuttering Johns First Day As Announcer.

Comedian John Melendez guest hosts on Valley View Live!

Comedian John Melendez, aka Stuttering John, was the special guest host on Thursday's edition of Valley View Live!

The Stuttering John Podcast-May 3rd, 2020

John talks to Monique from RadioGunk & ______- from the Stern Show about recent information John received from a mole about ...

The Stuttering John Podcast-May 14th, 2020

John talks to ex-Celebrity Apprentice Talent Wrangler, Noel Casler about the Dotard known as Donald Trump. They are joined by ...

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