Johnny Zell – video

Johnny Zell & Welk Orchestra - "Feelings"

Lawrence Welk Show 1978- "Songs of the 70's" -orchestra, featuring Johnny Zell on trumpet.

Johny Zell & Orchestra - "Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White"

Lawrence Welk Show 1975 - This Colorful World Theme. Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White orchestra, featuring Johnny Zell ...

Johnny Zell on trumpet - "Ciribiribin"

Lawrence Welk Show 1980- "Tribute to the Swing & Sweet Bands" -

Johnny Zell performs "My Tribute"

From Show #9-S-30 (Easter) Aired: 4-5-1980.

Johnny Zell & Welk Ladies - "Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man"

Lawrence Welk Show 1980 - Easy Listening Theme. Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man Johnny Zell on trumpet, sung by Gail, Anacani, ...

Welk Orchestra - "When Day Is Done" - featuring Johnny Zell on trumpet

Lawrence Welk Show 1973 - Big Band Days Theme. -When Day Is Done orchestra, featuring Johnny Zell on trumpet.

Johnny Zell & Orchestra - “Love Story” (Where Do I Begin?)

Lawrence Welk Show - 1974 - Musical Europe Tour Theme 3 - Movie Theme Medley: Theme from “Summer of '42” (The Summer ...

Johnny Zell with Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White.

The Lawrence Welk Show. Flower Songs. Season 21. Number 29. March 21st, 1976. Hosted by Norma Zimmer.

Pianists Bobs Smale & Ralstan - "Love Story" - with Johnny Zell on trumpet

The Lawrence Welk Show 1973. Big Band Sound - We Can Make Music Theme -Theme from “Love Story” (Where Do I Begin?)

Tom Netherton & Johnny Zell on trumpet - "This Love of Mine"

Lawrence Welk Show - 1978 - Salute to Sinatra Theme.

Johnny Zell on Trumpet - "It’s All in the Game"

Lawrence Welk Show 1975- "Musical Masterpieces" -

My Tribute

Johnny Zell, solo trumpeter from the Lawrence Welk Show plays this well known Gospel hit.

Johnny Zell on trumpet, Henry Cuesta on clarinet, Bob Havens on trombone with Wabash Cannonball.

The Lawrence Welk Show. Country and Western Show. December 3rd, 1972 Season 18. Number 13. Hosted by Ken Delo.

Henry Cuesta, Bob Havens & Johnny Zell - "Royal Garden Blues"

The Lawrence Welk Show 1975. Those Were the Days - Nostalgia theme. -Royal Garden Blues Henry Cuesta on clarinet, Johnny ...

Pete and Johnny!

Pete Fountain's and Johnny Zell's last appearance together.

Welk Band - "Blues in the Night"

The Lawrence Welk Show 1973. Salute to Henry Mancini and Johnny Mercer -Blues in the Night Henry Cuesta on clarinet, Bob ...

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