Keston Mendoza – video

Keston Mendoza 18.4

Crossfit open 18.4 workout.

Open Workout 16.3 Tips with Dusty Hyland, Kristine Andali, & Keston Mendoza-Dogtown CrossFit Tips for Open Workout 16.3 Watch Dusty Hyland, Kristine Andali, & Keston Mendoza as they give you ...

Keston Mendoza - ZeroPoint Compression

Keston Mendoza is an elite CrossFit athlete that placed 12th in her first time at California Regionals. She credits her success in ...

KESTON MENDOZA - CrossFit Athlete: Killer CrossFit Workouts @ USA

KESTON MENDOZA is a American CrossFit Athlete Coach (CrossFit Games) with a perfect body - toned legs and butt ...

Keston Mendoza - ZeroPoint Teaser

Keston Mendoza, DogTown CrossFit athlete using ZeroPoint Compression.

Magic part 1

Hope you enjoyed.

WZA Team Qualifier WOD 7

Team DogTown Keston Mendoza.

Lecture by Keston Sutherland, 11.19.15

Blocks: form since the crash” Since the 2008 financial crash a new formal tendency seems to have emerged in the work of ...

DogTown CrossFit's Ting Wang Deadlifts 300 (Bodyweight around 106)

DogTown CrossFit's Ting Wang Deadlifts 300 (Bodyweight around 106)

Mendoza covers Barry MacSweeney

Maintenant covers #5: Mendoza reads 'To Lynn at Work whose Surname I don't know' by Barry MacSweeney. Footage filmed in a ...

KIITA - I Miss You - Official Music Video - (Explicit)

I Miss You - Official Music Video (Let's Commit A Robbery EP) - Written by KIITA and Danny Score - Produced by Danny Score ...


Get Your Body Out of Pain! ▻ These workouts have helped athletes of all varieties get out of chronic ...

ZeroPoint - Leading compression

From day one our aim has been to provide you with the highest quality of compression products that will enable you to achieve ...

DogTown CrossFit - 3 Year Anniversary

A look back at 3 years of CrossFit excellence.

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