Kevin Gilbride – video

New York Guardians Week 4 press conference: Kevin Gilbride

The Guardians head coach talks about New York's Week 4 win.

New York Guardians Press Conference: Kevin Gilbridge

See what Guardians head coach Kevin Gilbride thoughts are following New York's Week 1 win.

Buddy Ryan Punches Kevin Gilbribe

Houston Oilers Defense and Offensive Coordinators got into a scuffle when Buddy Ryan punched Kevin Gilbride in 1993.

Kevin Gilbride and Shaun O'Hara look back at Super Bowl XLII

Former New York Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride and NFL Media's Shaun O'Hara review Super Bowl XLII and the ...

Kevin Gilbride Tribute

We laughed, we cried, we cursed you, but you were always OUR coordinator. Happy retirement Mr. Gilbride. MORE INFO.

XFL New York's Kevin Gilbride knows there's something different about The Big Apple

Get to know XFL New York's new head coach and general manager Kevin Gilbride as he's introduced to the media in New York ...

New York Guardians press conference Week 5 Kevin Gilbride

Download the XFL App and XFL Play App: - Subscribe to XFL...

New York Guardians Week 3 press conference: Kevin Gilbride

Head coach Gilbride talks about the Week 3 loss.

Kevin Gilbride 1 on 1

Troy Joins Kevin Gilbride after practice to discuss the transition from being an offensive coordinator to a head coach, how he feels ...

Football Gameplan's XFL Showcase: XFL NY HC Kevin Gilbride

Football Gameplan's XFL Showcase Highlights - XFL NY Head Coach Kevin Gilbride Presser.

A welcome message from Kevin Gilbride, XFL New York head coach and general manager

Meet your new head coach and general manager, XFL New York fans.

Kevin Gilbride Interview with SCSU TV

New York Giants Offensive Coordinator, and SCSU Alumni Kevin Gilbride discusses the team's upcoming season with Southern ...

1993 - Wk. 18 Jets vs. Oilers (SNF)

The final game of the season and the Jets need a win to make the playoffs. This is also the game where the Gilbride and Ryan ...

Former NFL coach Kevin Gilbride joins Yianni Kourakis on the Sports Wrap

Former NFL coach Kevin Gilbride joins Yianni Kourakis on the Sports Wrap.

TE Coach Kevin Gilbride Insider (8/8)

Tight Ends Coach Kevin M. Gilbride chats with Paul Dottino about the progress of the unit.

Kevin Gilbride on Eli Manning and the Giants new offense

Former Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride joins the show to talk about Eli Manning and the team's new offensive scheme.

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