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Khasan Brailsford choreography to Hold Me Down by Halsey

Choreography by Khasan Brailsford. Danced by Lonni Olson.

Professional Dancer Breaks Down Dance Movies | GQ

Professional dancer and choreographer Khasan Brailsford breaks down some of the most famous movie dance scenes, including ...

Betty Who - Ignore Me (Official Video)

Betty Who "Ignore Me" Out Now: Director: Mark McCune & Mariana McCune Creative ...

Khasan Brailsford, Loriel Hennington and Tracy Shibata - E.T. by Katy Perry

Prismatic World Tour, Prague, February 23 2015 Focused on acrobatic dance art of Khasan Brailsford, Loriel Hennington and ...

Betty Who - Taste (Official Video)

From the Betty Pt. 1 EP, out now: Connect with Betty Who: Facebook: ...

TiO by Willie Gomez (ZAYN Cover) 2017

Take It Off Performed by Willie Gomez Written by Zayn Malik, Herbie Crichlow, A. Hannides, M. Hannides Connect with Willie: ...

Khasan Brailsford on Tour with PINK 2013

Khasan Brailsford on Tour with PINK 2013 visited Manchester and shot with me Jason Harry. This video was shot in one of my ...

ET (Katy Perry) - Dance Duet - Mather Dance Company

Jordan Johnson and MaCall Manor Mather Dance Company Choreography Khasan Brailsford Disclaimer: This video was ...

Khasan Brailsford - Rihanna Tour Dancer

Choreographer and Dancer Khasan Brailsford teaching to Take It Off by Ke$ha at The Studio Dance Company in Clearwater, ...

Khasan Brailsford - Sweet Dreams

I do not own the song, only the choreography The dancers in this video are Jordan Casanova, Molly Long, and Jasmine Mason.

Monster - Khasan Brailsford

"MONSTER is about overcoming a dark, painful past. It's about honoring yourself and not letting anyone tear you down." A film ...

Fire Island | Jorge Gets Jealous of Khasan | Logo

Jorge gets really jealous and possessive when Khasan tries to leave to meet his boyfriend, Jason. #FireIsland Subscribe: ...

BT Global Dance Convention | Bryan Tanaka | Beau Casper Smart | Khasan Brailsford

Check out the 1st BT Global Dance Convention that took place in Brazil. Can't wait to show you more! This is part 1 of a series.


This video is about Lonni3.


Recorded on June 9, 2009 using a Flip Video camcorder.

Khasan Brailsford Master Class

Khasan Brailsford Master Class.

Khasan Brailsford Class

Beyonce Dancer's Masterclass: Khasan Brailsford Choreography to 'Telephone' by Lady Gaga. 21/10/09.

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