Lacey Jamieson – video

Lacey Jamieson - I Was Here

RIP Lacey 1997 - 2013.

RIP Lacey Jamieson {The Girl On Fire}

This video is for Lacey. She was so many peoples idol, and meant a lot to so many. I know all of our hearts are in pain right now, ...

my lovely equestrian life

laceyjamieson on Instagram.

R.I.P Lacey Jamieson {1997-2013}

Dedicated to Lacey Jamieson, Rest In Peace, 1997 - 2013, Horses lent her the wings she lacked... But today she gained her own.

Happy Birthday Lacey Jamieson | Gone Too Soon

Happy Birthday Lacey. I love you so much angel. I hope youre having a huge party up their. We all miss you and we wish you ...

Rest in peace, Lacey Jamieson. ♥

October 13, 2013. This is a tribute to one of the most amazing people I have ever met. She helped others in so many ways and ...

Lacey Jamieson on Bonkers @ Trillium Championships 2013 - HD

Lacey Jamieson riding Bonkers in the 1m division @ Trillium Championships in Palgrave. Change Quality to HD at BOTTOM!

In Memory Of Lacey Jamieson (I Was Here)

This video is in memory of my inspiration @laceyjamieson who died in 2013. Fly high Lacey I hope you enjoy the video.

Once more | Lacey Jamieson ♥

HD October 13, 2013 a young wild equestrian sadly passed. Most depressing day we have seen in awhile in the equestrian world.

Ride In Paradise; Lacey Jamieson♥

PLEASE READ!! I found Lacey's instagram a while ago. My barn friends ...

Lacey Jamieson. Goodbye.

I do not own the clips or music but do own the edit. plz sub to her it would mean the world to me. thank you. sorry I am very upset ...

Tribute To Lacey Jamieson

Rest in peace Lacey. January 24th, 1997- October 13, 2013.

Lacey Jamieson ~ I was here

Lacey had so much talent, and confidence around horses! She inspired many people including me, to be yourself. Although I ...

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