Lance the Driver – video

Low Body Image Self-Esteem

Losing my shirt in Costa Rica over Spring Break. Instagram: LanceTheDriver This video was sponsored by Cricket Wireless.

Coming Out Story (biker)

I've been pretty open about it, but some of you have asked how I came out. So, here's a short version of my coming out story.

College at 30 and therapy - LGBTQ

An update on my college adventure at 30. If you need help, talk to someone.

Volunteering and moving to NY

Please donate to your local volunteer organizations. Here is a site that will help you find options.

Home Tour!

Here's a look into where I sleep, eat, bathe, and study. Find out what's inside my little nook. More content: ...

Flavor Tripping with LanceTheDriver

This was honestly one of my favorite videos to film and edit. I hope you enjoy. Miracle berry tablets coat your tongue with miraculin ...

What is YOUR sexual orientation?

Are you gay, bisexual, straight...?

I Used to Like Girls? I Found My Old Journal.

Before I knew I was gay, I guess I thought I was the ladies man... I wasn't.

My Big, Romantic, Gay NYE Kiss

It had been awhile since I kissed someone.

Accepted into Columbia University at 32

An update on my college journey, from community college to Columbia University.

Gay Conversion Therapy Story - Benji Schwimmer

Thank you, Benji Schwimmer, for taking the time to share your story. You can find Benji on social media under @BenjiSchwimmer.

Sleeping in a Tokyo Closet. $23 a Night!

Definitely an adventure in Tokyo.

Is COMING OUT necessary?

Share your thoughts in the comments. As always, please be respectful of others. Thank you!

Community College at 31. TOUR!

Nontraditional, 31-year-old college student gives tour of his San Diego campus. More content on my Instagram: LanceTheDriver.

Home After Work

Arizona tomorrow!

My Tattoos Explained

Taken from one of my favorite, hidden places in LA.

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