Leonard Barr – video

American Bandstand 1976- Interview Leonard Barr

Dick Clark interviews Leonard Barr on American Bandstand.

Leonard Barr stand-up comedy

Audio of comedian Leonard Barr (Dean Martin's uncle) with video clips of him dancing and appearing on Dean's Roast show.

Dean's Uncle Leonard

Great Show!! Dean Martin and More... :=) Show Variety No copyright No tengo los derechos de copyright.

Leonard Barr Top # 7 Facts

Leonard Barr Top # 7 Facts.

Corbett Monica - a class act in stand-up comedy

So many or Corbett's comic contemporaries (Alan King, Jack E. Leonard, etc.) were angry or edgy. He was always pretty genial in ...

Leonard Barr

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Hollywood Palace 1-10 Dean Martin (host), Jackie Mason, Vikki Carr, The Berosini Chimps

Originally aired Mar 7, 1964. Guest starring: - Dean Martin (host) - Jackie Mason (comedian) - Barrie Chase (dancer) - Vikki Carr ...

Funniest Dancer 1950 - Mashup

When I first saw the original footage I cracked up. Is it only me that thinks Leonard Barr a hilarious dancer? Seriously, an early ...

Mr Wint and Mr Kidd - "Killing Shady Tree" (Deleted Scene)

Deleted scene from Diamonds Are Forever (1971) Mr Wint and Mr Kidd kill Shady Tree in this deleted scene "Killing Shady Tree" ...

Leonard Cohen - Tower of Song (The Barr Brothers cover)

Watch the Barr Brothers cover 'Tower of Song' by Leonard Cohen. Subscribe to our channel! https://youtube.com/cbcmusic CBC ...

JackieLeonard FrankSinatraHollywoodPalace

Here's the very funny comedian "Fat" Jackie Leonard busting Frank Sinatra's balls on his set on The Hollywood Palace hosted by ...

Sid Caesar / Jack E. Leonard "Peyton Place Spoof"

From "Kovacs Corner" on YouTube.com] - In probably the only pairing ever captured on film or video of these comedians, Sid ...


from the dean martin show. My first upload. happy day.

Roseanne Barr | Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson | Ep 6

Actress, comedian and our favorite jewish grandmother Roseanne Barr drops by the Tyson Ranch to hotbox with Iron Mike and ...

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