Marisa Kuers – video

Marisa Surprised

Marisa was at her last Performance at Expressions Dance studio. She got a gift of the surprise of a lifetime.

'Barney' the dinosaur tells all in new podcast

'Barney' the dinosaur tells all in new podcast

Ceci's Vlog 1: Early Experiences Last a Lifetime

ZERO TO THREE has partnered with East Los High—an award-winning Hulu original drama—to create vlogs in which on-screen ...

Barney Stars Before and After 2019 (Then and Now)

This is my first before and after video! I used to watch Barney growing up throughout the years.


Check out some of your favorite celebrities that were on Barney & Friends! For more fun with Barney & Friends: Visit the ...

Broadway Rhythms

Choreographed by: Emily Eye and Marisa Kuers Dance Arts Society Spring 2009 at Texas A&M University Music: I Hope I Get It ...

Now an actress in Hollywood, it's Hayden "Sarah" Tweedie - Purple Tales Podcast Episode #22

Cast as Sarah at the tender age of eight, Hayden Tweedie appeared in seasons seven and eight, then hit the road in Barney's ...

Misery Busines (Acoustic) Dance Combo

Choreographer/Dancer: Marisa Kuers Playin' around.

Stuuuuuuuu-pen-dous! It’s the original voice of Barney - Purple Tales Podcast Episode 13

Bob West calls himself “anonymously famous" but as the original voice of Barney, we call him super-deeeee-duper!

From Barney to Broadway’s Lion King, Min grows up - Purple Tales Podcast Episode 17

You remember Min on Barney & Friends' first three seasons! Today Pia Manolo Hamilton performs eight shows a week in The ...

Dreamin With a Broken Heart Dance Combo

Choreographer/Dancer: Marisa Kuers.

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Kuers Christmas Wish Video.

Purple Roads Episode Twenty Four | Katherine Pully ("Beth" Barney & Friends)

Catching up with Katherine Pully who played "Beth" on seasons seven and eight of Barney & Friends. Wonderful behind the ...

Barney Q&A

We're best friends like friends should be in this Tee-riffic Q&A with Bob West, the voice of Barney and Dao Knight, the voice of ...

The Body and The Voice of BJ - Purple Tales Podcast Episode 7

It's truly a magical reunion when Carey welcomes both BJs --- Patty "the voice" Wirtz and Kyle "the body" Nelson --- to share their ...


Choreographers/Dancers: Lauren Howard and Marisa Kuers Dance Arts Society Spring 2009.

The Series Cast List of More Barney Songs

Here's the series cast list of More Barney Songs. I see Monét Chandler, Maurie Chandler, Lucien Douglas, Marisa Kuers, Mera ...

The Words of Barney with Head Writer Steve White - Purple Tales Podcast Episode 5

Who put words in Barney's mouth and pep in his step? Head writer Steve White recalls the best of times and has Carey Stinson ...

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