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Treanor ends it with a deep shot in the 13th

4/3/11: Matt Treanor hits a three-run homer deep into the left-field bullpen to give the Royals the walk-off win in the 13th Check out ...

2011/07/24 Treanor's rough day

[email protected]: Treanor has rough day behind the plate.

Elite Athlete Family Gets Chiropractic Care

Elite Athlete Family: Major league baseball player Matt Treanor and Olympic gold medalist Misty May Treanor come to Glowaki ...

Former MLB Catcher Matt Treanor on Chiropractic Care

Former MLB Catcher Matt Treanor on Chiropractic Care Former MLB Catcher and long time patient, Matt Treanor, talks about the ...

Matt Treanor: Hard at Work

Oh the dedication, I wish he still skated as much as he used too. I'm pretty sure I've used all of these in the past but whatever, ...

2012/08/12 May-Treanor surprises husband

[email protected]: May-Treanor talks about her big surprise.

2011/07/30 Treanor leaves after collision

[email protected]: Treanor leaves game after collision at home.

Matt Treanor talks training with Armando Hart

Matt Treanor of the Los Angeles Dodgers talks about training with Armando Hart and ZeroPoint Performance.

Street Smart: Matt Treanor

As winter is slowly fading into spring (not really) less and less redmond locals have been showing up. It's hard enough to get park ...

My Movie

Bored in the quarantine.

The Matt Treanor

Seperate Part. Bravo! SUB.

Edge Wax - Matt Treanor

my camera broke and this is what i already had for his part hope you enjoy it. by the way ben's gay .

CLIP OF THE DAY- Matt Treanor

First try no lie! Matt's Channel:

CLIP OF THE DAY- Matt Treanor

Everbody else is a bitch.

Matt Treanor- Downrail

He's still got it.

Matt Treanor: Epic Fail Gap

I was recording some roll up clips just to make it look better, got to the last angle and Matt got frustrated and snapped his board!

Superstar Catcher Matt Treanor's Happy Birthday Greeting.MOV

Matt Treanor is an amazing, talented catcher, in the tradition of Johnny Roseboro, Torborg, Yeager, Scioscia and Piazza, has ...

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