Mike Bordick – video

Mike Bordick with a sabermetric minute

Mike Bordick gives a detailed breakdown with the O's ahead of his sabermetric-themed broadcast on MASN.

Mike Bordick & Jay Johnstone- Trumpet Prank

Steve Rotfeld Productions has compiled a large library of sports pranks over the years. Here's a great one. Enjoy!

Gary Thorne and Mike Bordick on preparing for a doubleheader

Gary Thorne and Mike Bordick discuss how they prepare their game notes for a doubleheader. More: http://www.masn.me/orioles.

Sig Mejdal sits down with Mike Bordick

Sig Mejdal is in his first year as the assistant GM of the Baltimore Orioles. More: http://www.masn.me/orioles.

Mike Bordick meets Blue Crabs fans

Former Oriole and current MASN broadcaster Mike Bordick meets baseball fans at the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs' stadium.

Mike Bordick on Chris Davis' resurgence

Sara Perlman chats with fellow MASN broadcasterMike Bordick about Chris Davis. More: http://www.masn.me/orioles.

Mike Bordick catches up with Jonathan Schoop

More: http://www.masn.me/orioles After returning from injury, Jonathan Scoop talked about his recovery with Mike Bordick.

Part III: Sig Mejdal sits down with Mike Bordick

Sig Mejdal, the Orioles' assistant GM, chat with MASN broadcaster Mike Bordick. More: http://www.masn.me/orioles.

Mike Bordick breaks down the O's defense

Mike Bordick breaks down the O's defense. More: http://masn.me/orioles.

Mike Bordick on the League of Dreams

Mike Bordick talks about the League of Dreams and other charitable baseball programs for kids.

Mike Bordick talks about O's international signings

MASN's Sara Perlman chats with former Orioles and MASN broadcaster Mike Bordick about how the O's handled the first day of ...

Mike Bordick breaks down the Orioles' 2-1 win over the Blue Jays

Mike Bordick evaluates Kevin Gausman's outing and the Orioles defense in a 2-1 win at Rogers Centre.

Mike Bordick, Dave Johnson teach fundamentals at free youth clinic

Mike Bordick and Dave Johnson were present for the Legends for Youth Clinic at the Weltmer Bowl baseball field, located on the ...

Mike Bordick at League of Dreams event

Before broadcasting both ends of a doubleheader, Mike Bordick spent his morning at the League of Dreams, hanging out with ...

Mike Bordick on the Orioles' 7-3 win over the Rays

Mike Bordick speaks about the Orioles' clutch hitting and the outstanding performance by Ubaldo Jimenez.

Dempsey's Dugout: Mike Bordick and Rick Dempsey break down the new slide rule

Former Orioles and current MASN broadcasters Mike Bordick and Rick Dempsey talk about sliding.

Mike Bordick on Trey Mancini's solid second half

Trey Mancini is hitting .306 since the All-Star break. More: http://www.masn.me/orioles.

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