Nathaniel Buzolic – video

SIGNIFICANT MOTHER's Josh Zuckerman & Nathaniel Buzolic on Accents & Roommates!

Actors Josh Zuckerman & Nathaniel Buzolic pay a visit to the YH Studio to give us the rundown on their cheeky new comedy on ...

Wheel of Dares with Nathaniel Buzolic & Joshua Zuckerman

More Celebrity News ▻▻ "Significant Mother" stars Nathaniel Buzolic & Joshua Zuckerman are put ...

Nathaniel Buzolic doing his various types of accents. (12/8/12)

The Vampire Diaries convention in Orlando, Florida. Follow me on Tumblr:

Nathaniel Buzolic imitating Paul Wesley's morning routine // TVD Panel

PLEASE DON'T REPOST :) Michael Malarkey is also on stage if you're wondering.

The Originals Nathaniel Buzolic talks Instagram and Religion SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL ...

Danielle Campbell Plays "Know Your Kols" Game | E! News

The "Originals" actress puts her knowledge of costars Nathaniel Buzolic and Daniel Gillies to the test. See if Danielle can guess ...

Nathaniel Buzolic - Funny moments

[720HD] I adore this men so much, he is such a funny, sweet & inspiring guy! Such a honor that I have met him :) Credit to ...

Paul Wesley imitating Ian Somerhalder and Nate Buzolic who is imitating Steven McQueen

Recording at Bloody Night Con Europe in Belgium the 12th of May 2013.

Nathaniel Buzolic on "The Originals": Interview at Oz Comic-Con 2018 in Sydney SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL ... - EXCLUSIVE: Vampire Diaries star Nathaniel Buzolić in Dubrovnik

Journalist: Mario Jurič - Twitter: @MJuricDuTVnet ; cameraman: Damir Belin Known for his role as Kol Mikaelson on the series ...

Kol Panel with Nathaniel Buzolic and Daniel Sharman (Part 1) (Bloody Night Con 2016 Barcelona)

So Nate leaked by accident his phone number and then, this happened... FUNNIEST PANEL EVER Don't miss part 2 ...

Nate Buzolic imitating Daniel Gillies - Bloody Night Con Europe 2017

Nathaniel Buzolic doing his Daniel Gillies impersonation at Bloody Night Con Europe 2017.

Nate Buzolic - TVD Chicago 2013 - Kol's accent. "Sometimes when you're drowning someone..."

A fan asked him if it was hard to do the drowning scene and keep his accent.

TVD 5x18 Nathaniel Buzolic Kol scenes The other Side

Hi guys, here is the scene of Nathaniel Buzolic as Kol in TVD 5x18!! I screamed so hard when I saw him. They really need to bring ...

Nathaniel Buzolic | Set Life ft. Phoebe Tonkin (SHIRTLESS) The Originals

Follow Nathaniel Buzolic on Snapchat: natesnapbuzz Nathaniel Buzolic (born August 4, 1983 in Sydney) is an Australian actor.

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