Nicaya Wiley – video

2018 SLTTC 1st Place - Nicaya Wiley

On Saturday, April 28th, 15 metro area high school acts brought the crowd to their feet when they performed on stage at The ...

Nicaya Wiley

Ballet Audition.

Dance Moms: Nicaya Auditions for the ALDC (Season 2 Flashback) | Lifetime

Just two short weeks before Nationals, Abby invites a new girl to audition for the team with mixed results in this clip from Season 2, ...

Dance Moms: Nicaya's Jazz Solo - "Get Back Up"(Season 3) | Lifetime

Watch Nicaya's jazz solo "Get Back Up" from Season 3, Episode 9, "Bye Bye Baby". #DanceMoms Subscribe for more from Dance ...

Nicaya Wiley-Bust Your Windows

Nicaya performing a jazz solo to Jazmine Sullivan's Bust Your Windows at Applause. This was her 1st time competing in 3 years, ...

Nicaya Wiley sings For The First Time (The Script)

Nicaya Wiley sings For The First Time by The Script.

Dance Moms: Kaya Is Removed from the Competition (Season 3 Flashback) | Lifetime

Kaya, aka "Black Patsy," hits below the belt talking about Nia and Kendall in an effort to get the ALDC moms fired up in this clip ...

Happy Pride!🌈💜

Nicaya wants you to worry more about your edges and less about who other people love.

Dance Moms: Bonus: Kaya Reassures Nicaya (Season 7, Episode 3) | Lifetime

Kaya reminds Nicaya that now is her chance to shine in this bonus scene from Season 7, Episode 3, "Return of the Rotten Apples" ...

Dance Moms: Kaya Vs. The Dance Moms (Season 2 Flashback) | Lifetime

Tensions between Kelly and Kaya finally reach their boiling point after Nicaya accepts the team's award in this clip from Season 2, ...

College Acceptance letter!

Nicaya's two top college choices are Boston Conservatory and Juilliard. I didn't tell her that she got into Boston (with a really good ...

Kooking with Kaya!

Since we all know I'm a beast in the kitchen, I've decided to share one of my best recipes. This is kinda difficult so you might want ...


Remember Black Patsy and her daughter, Nicaya Wiley? It's been long, & many have been wondering how they are doing, ...

Nicaya Wiley

Nicaya dancing at her brother's party.

Nicaya Wiley-Bet You Can't Do It Like Me

Nicaya Wiley, Bet You Can't Do It Like Me.

Nicaya Wiley

Nicaya Wiley learning choreography for Memphis the Musical.

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