Park Junhee – video

Fall in love with Park Junhee (A.C.E)

a new "series" on my channel, to share what we love about each member, for new and "veteran" choice! this was requested as my ...

an (un)helpful guide to A.C.E Park Junhee

Part 1/5 of my (un)helpful guide for A.C.E! L I N K S A.C.E YOUTUBE: ...

Park Junhee The Disney Prince || A.C.E Jun

Why did I make this?? I honestly have no fucking dead LMAOO,,,, || Twitter: ...

Don't Wanna Know - Maroon 5 / Lia Kim Choreography (ft.Jun from A.C.E)

Lia Kim teaches choreography with Jun from A.C.E to Don't Wanna Know by Maroon 5. Learn from instructors of 1MILLION Dance ...

park junhee being adorable

for @sfwparks only 🤪🤙 videos arent mine credits to owners! twt: @acesgallery & @satanyoongi.

[190306 A.C.E JUN] 드라마 '빅이슈' 1화 에이스 준 CUT

ACE #JUN #에이스 #준 #박준희 #UNDERCOVER.

A.C.E's Chan & Jun impress mentors with Sunmi's 'Gashina' [The Unit/2017.12.06]

Subscribe KBS World Official YouTube: ------------------------------------------------ KBS ...

JunChan Cute Moments (A.C.E Jun + Chan)

every interaction between junhee and yuchan makes my heart melt they're so. soft :') twt: @DE55ERT qotd: what's your favorite ...

[ENGSUB] Jun A.C.E at ICSYV4 cut

video cr. to Mnet, CJ e&m subs by me edited by me.

A.C.E CUTE & FUNNY MOMENTS #36 [..90% junhee lol]

Follow me on twitter, i'm active there ahaha Thank you for watching!!

[FMV] park Junhee (A.C.E) - Irresistible

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The Unit Evolution Profile - Jun (A.C.E) | 더유닛 - 에이스 준

A compilation of all singing and performance screentime highlights of A.C.E's Jun (Park Junhee) in KBS' The Unit: Idol Rebooting ...


watch in HD! "i swear if he kissed me... i might let it happen" first of all, i must say i'm so proud of how it turned out. this has became ...

A.C.E Jun laugh compilation

This is what Heaven sounds like.

Park Junhee talking about GFriend members and their personalities

Full video cr.


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IM's Taeun, "Hyung, why did you do that to me?" [The Unit/2018.01.18]

▶ The Unit | 더 유닛 - Ep.14 : This episode of The Unit is titled, ‘The First Farewell’. As the male performers join ‘Crying ...

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