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Peter Oakley (AKA Geriatric1927 on YouTube) explains why he loves the internet

YouTube star Peter Oakley (AKA Geriatric1927) explains why he loves the internet. To help an older person get online, visit ...

R.I.P Peter Oakley (Geriatric1927)

My personal tribute to a great man who opened my eyes to the world of YouTube. Goodbye Peter! Check out Peter's channel!

Peter Oakley-Old and Wise

Old and Wise- Geriatric1927 (The Zimmers- Lust for Life) ©Pater Oakley.

H3H3 Laughs At The Death Of Peter Oakley | Philip DeFranco H3 Podcast Stream Highlight

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first try

My first attempt at video

RIP Peter Oakley (Geriatric1927)

In memory of Geriatric1927. You will be sorely missed.

R.I.P Peter Oakley aka Geriatric1927

A personal tribute to Peter Oakley, known on YouTube as Geriatric1927, who died today.

Peter Oakley - geriatric1927 - Sings in LA

Peter Oakley, geriatric1927, sang with The Zimmers in Los Angeles, California in early November, 2010. This video shows him ...

Graduate Profile: Anthropology - Peter Oakley

Web: UCL: Anthropology Graduate Profile: Peter Oakley ...


Saying goodbye to a friend.

Peter Oakley, the “Internet Grandad” whose YouTube channel was once the most popular on Youtube.

Peter Oakley was the most subscribed YouTuber in 2006. On his channel, he talked about his life experiences, such as growing ...

Peter Oakley

Oakley explains how he accidentally became a YouTube celebrity. See the full story on

YouTube changes Daly Sorry about camera positioning.I just thought that you might like a different setting but got it ...

A Message to Peter Oakley (Geriatric1927)

This is a very rambly webcam video for Peter Oakley, just dispensing my thoughts to him.

The opportunites of the internet for the elderly: Peter Oakley, Youtube's Geriatric 1927

Peter Oakley tells us the benefits of the internet for the elderly the opportunities out there for elderly people to get involved.

YouTube Sensation Peter Oakley Dies

Peter Oakley (20 August 1927 -- 23 March 2014) was a pensioner from Bakewell, Derbyshire, England. He was better known by ...

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