Ralph H. Baer – video

Remembering the "Father of Video Games," The Late Ralph Baer - IGN Conversation

Jared Petty & Daemon Hatfield reminisce about the passing & legacy of one of the original great pioneers of the video game ...

Ralph H. Baer demonstriert interaktives Fernsehen Full Version (1969)

Ralph H. Baer demonstriert verschiedene Anwendungsideen von interaktiven Fernsehen. Die Aufzeichnung fand 1969 statt.

Video Games | INVENTORS | PBS Digital Studios

Ralph Baer is often called the father of video games. His invention, the Magnavox Odyssey, was the first home console system.

Interview with Ralph H. Baer (2012)

Recorded on April 21, 2012 Interview by Sarah Szefer Camera & Editing : Eric St-Cyr.

Video Games History

Ralph Baer (born March 8,1922) is a German-American video game pioneer, inventor, engineer, known as "The Father of Video ...

Scene World: Interview - Ralph H. Baer

Scene World 22: Interview - Ralph H. Baer Ralph Baer is video game pioneer, inventor and engineer, known as "The Father of ...

Ralph Baer and Bill Harrison testing the Brown Box [1969]

In 1969, Ralph Baer was testing alongside his college Bill Harrison their new entertainment invention called "Brown Box".

R.I.P. Ralph H. Baer, from PLAYtheGAME.

We're sad to inform you, whether or not you've already heard, that Ralph H. Baer, the father of video games, and the creator of the ...

The Father of Video Games (Remembering Ralph Baer)

A short video celebrating the life and accomplishments of Ralph H. Baer.

Ralph H. Baer en Bill Harrison playing Video Ping-Pong in 1969

By early 1967, Ralph H. Baer had drafted Bill Harrison, a bright and capable Sanders technician, into the new project as his chief ...

Ralph H. Baer & Steve Wozniak playint on the Brown Box in 2008

Ralph H. Baer & Steve Wozniak playing on the Brown Box in 2008 Subscribe to the PONG museum´s channel at ...

How Ralph Baer Introduced The Military To Video Games - Revealing Gaming's History

In this exclusive Game Informer video, The Strong Museum of Play's director Jon-Paul Dyson shows off the one-of-a-kind modified ...

Ralph Baer Passes Away at age 92 - IGN News

Ralph Baer, widely regarded as the Father of Video Games, has passed away. He was 92 years old. You can read more here: ...

Teil 2: Ralph H. Baer im Computerspiele Museum Berlin

Besuch von Ralph H. Baer im Computerspiele Museum am 16. Juni 2006.

Ralph Baer and Bill Harrison Play Ping-Pong Video Game, 1969

Forty years ago today, the first video game on a television set was played by these two men. Two years later, they would be ...

Ralph H Baer Demonstrates "The Brown Box" 1973

Ralph H. Baer was a German video game pioneer, inventor, engineer, and was known as "The Father of Video Games", and was ...

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