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Free-Lick Friday no.24 "Oats" Guitar lesson and TAB

Here's a longer video lesson from a weekly lick lesson I do on my Instagram page. If you want to know why it's called OATS, head ...

D'Angelico Excel SS and Suhr Reactive Load I.R - Jazz Guitar solo

Gear used: Supro statesman, D'Angelico SS and Suhr reactive load! rhysgilchrist.com.

Online Learning - Kumite Takedown by Rhys Gilchrist

Welcome to one of our Kanzen Karate Online Learning Modules. In this session, Rhys Gilchrist of Kanzen Scotland, explains one ...

D'Angelico EXL-1 Demo / Jazz Blues Improvisation

Here's a short demo of the beautiful D'Angelico EXL1 using a DV mark jazz 12 amp with a Suhr reactive load mixed with a Blue ...

Kanzen Karate - Rhys Gilchrist - Unsu

Rhys Gilchrist competing at the KKO Open. Liverpool, England - 26th January 2020.

Free-Lick Friday - Jazz Fusion lick w/TAB

TAB- https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8HP1dDMkwYXNnJESm90NVV2RHM Free-Lick Friday is an Instagram based video ...

Rhys Gilchrist - Mawashi Geri

Rhys Gilchrist competing at the WUKF European Champions Cup in Cluj-Napoca (Romania) on 8th December 2019.

Kanzen Karate: Rhys Gilchrist - Shobu Nihon Kumite Final

Rhys Gilchrist competing at the 8th International Czech Open. Prague, Czech Republic - 30th September 2017. Winning the 11-12 ...

American Elite Telecaster with Suhr Reactive Load IR Guitar Solo

Showing off my new guitar! Feels and sounds amazing. Gear used: - American Elite Telecaster -Supro Statesman Amp -Ibanez TS ...

Snarky Puppy- The Clearing guitar cover

Such a cool section from snarky's latest album "Sylva"

Kanzen Karate - Rhys Gilchrist - Sochin

Rhys Gilchrist competing at the TKA Scottish Open. Cowdenbeath, Scotland - 23rd September 2017.

Chris Liggett - Sitting In Podcast - EP 6 - Life as a Touring Musician, Guitar Gear and Amp Modelers

Episode 6 features Chris Liggett, a touring musician based in the U.K who has recently gone from full time guitar teacher and ...

Suhr Reactive Load I.R test with Supro Statesman and Keeley Caverns + Partscaster

Tone for days thanks to the suhr reactive load! Follow me on Instagram @rhysgilchrist Rhysgilchrist.com.

Playing over a John Mayer style track

Been listening to a lot of Mayer's stuff lately so here's me wailing over a backing track in the style...

Keir Gilchrist #selfieinterview - Verge List: Sundance 2015

Verge's newest addition the #selfieinterview. Watch all seven of this year's Verge List: Sundance 2015 actors interview ...

Funky Blues jam

Not played some blues in a while, missed it!

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