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Robert Lansing on What's My Line

Robert Lansing appears on "What's My Line" hosted by Larry Blyden. Guest panelists include Arlene Francis, Charles Nelson ...

Danger Has Two Faces (1967) - Scene with Robert Lansing & Dana Wynter

This was a theatrical film comprised of four episodes of the 1966-67 TV series "The Man Who Never Was." Robert Lansing plays a ...

Robert Lansing in He Said She Said

Robert Lansing and his wife Gari make an appearance on the game show "He Said, She Said" in February 1970. Also appearing ...

Robert Lansing-Actor

A tribute video I made for one of my favorite actors, Robert H.Brown, also known as Robert Lansing. Robert was born in 1928 and ...

The Evil Touch - "The Lake" starring Robert Lansing

Premiere episode of "The Evil Touch", an Australian TV series that aired from 1973-74 and was hosted by Anthony Quayle.

"The Man Who Never Was" - Robert Lansing & Dana Wynter

Pilot episode of the short-lived television series "The Man Who Never Was" starring Robert Lansing and Dana Wynter.

1974 Mercury Marquis Commercial with Robert Lansing & Jennefer O'Neil

Robert Lansing was a Movie and TV Star. famous for being fired from the TV Show, 12 O'clock High. Jennifer O'Neil was the ...

Sound of Distant Thunder 12 O'Clock High Peter Fonda, Robert Lansing ACT 1

A hero is born. Peter Fonda's down home country boy saves exacting Gen. Savage (Robert Lansing) Season one episide, 1961.

12 O'Clock High The Lorelei Robert Lansing, Rip Torn ACT 4

Jinxed plane or superstitious pilot? Gen. Savage tries to sort it out in this season one episode of 12 O'Clock High with guest star ...

12 O'Clock High Prisoner of War (part one) Robert Lansing ACT 3

Gen. Savage has a plan...will it work? Poplar World War 2 drama about fighter pilots, season one episode in which Robert ...

THRILLER: "THE FATAL IMPULSE" Robert Lansing, Whitney Blake. 11-29-1960.

Original Air Date: Nov. 29, 1960 Produced: Maxwell Shane Directed: Gerald Meyer Music: Pete Rugolo Teleplay: Philip ...

12 O'Clock High The Lorelei Robert Lansing Rip Torn ACT 1

Season 1 episode continued. Rip Torn is ace fighter pilot with one issue: he's got the creeps about this weird fighter plane.

Robert Lansing Giant Eagle Commercial

Robert Lansing who played Gary Seven on Star Trek in a commercial for Giant Eagle.

The Mike Douglas Show - October 19, 1965

Full episode of "The Mike Douglas Show" from October 19, 1965. The show is co-hosted by Florence Henderson who sings ...

1966 An Eye for an Eye Western - Robert Lansing, Patrick Wayne, Slim Pickens

A former bounty hunter teams up with a younger one, to track down and kill the wanted gang leader who murdered his wife and ...

Star Trek - Missile Alert

Seven tries to convince Captain Kirk to let him disarm the warhead - with Spock unable to do it himself, the crew is left with no ...

Robert Lansing Eckerd Commercial

Actor Robert Lansing who played Gary Seven in the Original Star Trek show in a commercial for Eckerd Film.

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