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🌠ROBERT PROSKY 1930-2008 (the lords of discipline) 1983⚔🏫😠

my favorite role Prosky plays in his career as Lt col. Thomas Bear Barrieau, a tough but fair officer who sees the best and worst in ...

ROBERT PROSKY (mrs. doubtfire) 1993😆

Prosky plays Jonathan Lundy, owner of a San Francisco TV station who gets a surprise for a new show.

ROBERT PROSKY (christine) 1983💀😠

Prosky plays Will Darnell, a local junk yard owner who gets more than a creep coming in his shop.

Radon: A Homeowner's Guide (1989) with Robert Prosky

A 25 minute VHS tape explaining the dangers of Radon in your home. It's an invisible gas that will give you lung cancer and kill ...

Far and Away - "Enterprise Or Love" - Tom Cruise x Robert Prosky

ROBERT PROSKY (gremlins 2) 1990😆

Prosky plays grandpa Fred, a has-been actor who can only host a oldies horror show when he really wanted to be a reporter.

Robert Prosky

Robert Prosky was an American actor and comedian. This video is targeted to blind users. Attribution: Article text available under ...

Thief - Robert Prosky speech

Robert Prosky's speech from one of my favorite movies, THIEF.

Stage Veterans (Working In The Theatre #328)

Four actors with long and varied careers on stage—Richard Easton, Robert Prosky, Marian Seldes and Frances ...

Robert Prosky - Early life

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Mature Men of TV and Films: Featuring Robert Prosky in "The Lords of Discipline"

This excerpt is from the movie "The Lords of Discipline" (1983). This is a pretty good movie and my favorite scene featuring the late ...

Negotiation Scene - Thief (1981)

From the 1981 Michael Mann film, Thief. James Caan negotiates with the big boss and holds his ground. Buy Thief Special Edition ...

Hill St Blues,'Let's do it to them,before they do it to us'

From the Hill Street Blues series ~ an explanation of the send out by Sgt Stan Jablonski ...'Let's do it to them,before they do it to us'

Christine (1983) - A Life Ending Seat Adjustment Scene (7/10) | Movieclips

Christine - A Life Ending Seat Adjustment: Darnell (Robert Prosky) investigates Christine after the car comes into the garage ...

Darnell's Garage and Pile

Darnell's pile is a deal!

Christine (1983) Movie Clip: Arne and Detective Rudy Junkins talk (VHS Capture)

Dectective Rudy Junkins questions Arne about Christine and the death of Moochie. Christine 1983 Cast Keith Gordon as Arnold ...

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