Ryleigh Ledford – video

Taylor Swift "22" by Ryleigh Ledford

Ryleigh and friends have a blast jamming out to her cover of Taylor Swift's "22" hope you all like it!! Special Thanks to Daleigh, ...

"Catch My Breath" Kelly Clarkson by Ryleigh Ledford

Another amazing job by this young lady. A very range intense song this would be for most, but not Ryleigh. thanks for viewing.

"Home" Phillip Phillips by Ryleigh Ledford

Sweet performance by Ryleigh. It was a cold and rainy day so it seemed to fit the song :)

"Heart Attack" Demi Lovato by Ryleigh Ledford

Ryleigh & Crew perform a cute interpretation of Heart Attack!! Hope you enjoy!! They had a lot of fun shooting this!! :) Special ...

Ryleigh Ledford's Braces

Ryleigh explains "What's in Her Mouth"

"Unconditionally" Katy Perry by Ryleigh Ledford

Super fun day with a few of my best friends!! Thanks so much to Lindy and Brysen, and thanks to my cool boyfriend Aaron for ...

Taylor Swift "Blank Space" by Ryleigh Ledford

Throw back!!! Hope you guys like this!!! We had lots of fun shooting it in my hometown! Thanks!!

Alicia Keys "Girl on Fire" cover by Ryleigh Ledford

Ryleigh Ledford's AWESOME cover of Alicia Keys "Girl on Fire"!! GREAT JOB RyRy!!

"Story of My Life" One Direction by Ryleigh Ledford

Such a fun video!! So excited to cover this song and it means so much to get to share pictures of Me and Aaron growing up.

Taylor Swift "Style" by Ryleigh Ledford

Super excited to post an new music video FINALLY!! Always thankful to my manager Kevan Cyka, producer Matt Arcaini, and the ...

"Clarity" Zedd feat. Foxes by Ryleigh Ledford

Ryleigh & Crew had fun with this cover combining the acoustic version with the dance version!! Hope you all like it!! Special ...

"Happy" Pharrell Williams by Ryleigh Ledford

Yeah we've all heard this song a gazillion times, but not by Ryleigh yet! Plus the vid makes it cool to hear it again right? Special ...

"Two Black Cadillacs" Carrie Underwood by Ryleigh Ledford

Ryleigh and friends had a BLAST covering Carrie Underwood's "Two Black Cadillacs" Thanks to: Ashton, Cayman, Chandler, ...

Atlanta Braves--Ryleigh Ledford

Ryleigh sings the national anthem for a home game.

"Treasure" Bruno Mars by Ryleigh Ledford

Ryleigh & Crew perform a super hilarious interpretation of "Treasure"!!! Lots of laughs shooting this one!! Hope you enjoy!! Special ...

Ryleigh Ledford 谷 Home (Lyrics)

Hope you like it Xx (Please watch in HD) This is Ryleigh Ledford with her cover of 'Home' by Phillip Phillips Ryleigh is 12 years ...

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