Ryutaro Morimoto – video

Morimoto Ryutaro singing voice

today, 27th June 2013, exactly 2 years of ryutaro's suspension I DON'T OWN ANYTHING ADDITIONAL :: when i make this i dunno ...

Support Morimoto Ryutaro

Thanks for all video in this fanvid. I made it for supporting Ryutaro. cuz I just miss him so much Wanna see his smile again^^" ...


Don't say good-bye.

ryutaro morimoto ☆ happy birthday

2010年4月6日、森本龍太郎くん15歳のお誕生日、おめでとうございます!! どんどん成長していく彼に、この歌をささげたくて作りまし...

Ryutaro Morimoto ~ we'll wait for you

Minna, let's all support him ne Ryu! Ganbare ! We are here for you. Always. I DON'T OWN ANYTHING.

Ryutaro Morimoto (HSJ)

i was bored and decided to make this vid. i hope you guys like it! ~Rena.

Ryutaro is a Genius

Morimoto Ryutaro is a self-proclaimed Tensai! (Genius) Also, look out for Ryutaro-chan running away from Yamada. Kawaii!

Ryutaro Morimoto's Voice

I made this video a very long time ago. I also posted this in my Youtube account before but it got disbanded. Since I really miss ...

Super Star [Ryutaro Morimoto]

Something I made for Ryutaro. . .Dedication :]

Yamada Ryosuke vs Morimoto Ryutaro

Please post a comment on which one you think should win, the winner gets to meet Nakajima Yuto!! I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING ...

Dedication to Chinen Yuri + Morimoto Ryutaro

A slideshow involving my top OTP of Hey! Say! JUMP. Love these two! They always make me smile. I also would like to state that I ...

Ryutaro Morimoto!!

My Second video of Ryutaro!! Yesterday I was bored and we had no internet so i decided to make this. i hope you enjoy it!

Ryutaro Morimoto birthday fanvid

Hey there guys! I'm kinda bored yesterday so i created this very fast fanvid for Ryuu's 16th birthday. :D I kinda failed to compile the ...

[ZERO] Reborn ミュージックビデオ Full ver.

チャンネル登録お願いします!→https://ux.nu/oGy4p 2018.08.01(水)タワーレコード限定リリース ZERO 2nd Mini Album『CHAPTER:0』 ...

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