Samyra Abweh – video

Meet My STRONG Sister (Mini Myra)

LA FIT EXPO AMERICAN OPEN USPA MEET RECAP for Samyra ( aka mini myra ) WILKS: 509 BW: 114lbs TOTAL: 897 Follow ...

Sisters Who Lift Together... Stay Together

Lifting with my little sister Samyra Abweh, aka Mini Myra on IG! Less than 10 days out from my next powerlifting competition!


I'm so sorry I couldn't get through all your questions, but I will be doing another one soon to answer more. Thank you for all the ...

ALL THE BENCH VOLUME (Training Vlog: #005)

Next Powerlifting Meet: Cal State Champs April 15th Follow me on IG: Follow me on Twitter: ...

When Things Don't Go According To Plan...

1 week out from my next powerlifting competition. and a SQUAT FAIL :( Follow Samyra: ...

300 pound Deadlift and chill?

I'm finally feeling good about my deadlifts again! I'm not as strong as I use to be, but I'm slowly feeling like my old long limb self.

When Vlog is Life & Boob Day

Thank you for watching! I promise that I will be getting better at this YouTube thangggg. xoxoxo!


Some of my deadlift training and other cool things...kinda. Not really. :) XOXO.

I LOST ALL MY MUSCLE :( A reverse transformation.

Hey guys, so another training vlog plus a transformation on my body. A reverse transformation, unfortunately. I lost all my muscle ...

Abweh Sisters + my injury :( and rehab work

Hey guys thank you for watching the video! Here is my rehab work that I did: Superset 1 – Perform 4 sets Exercise A: Deadbug ...

How do you work dis YouTube thing? SQUATSSSS

Thank you for watching my awkward self. Please subscribe.

Mercy Music Video

Please watch :) I hope you enjoyed it!

Stefanie Cohen - 1st Place Raw Overall 490 kg/1080.3 lbs Total - Boss Of Bosses 4

Lifter: Stefanie Cohen Weight Class: 56 kg/123 lbs Squat: 182.5 kg/402.3 lbs Bench: 92.5 kg/203.9 lbs Deadlift: 220 kg/485 lbs ...

Dance(A$$) Music Video

Thank you for watching! check out our other videos.

DEADLIFTS: training vlog

Hey guys! In this video I shared some of my tips on how i deadlift and did a little push up challange that i failed at LOL! Instagram: ...

Boss of Bosses IV, Day 2

Fourth annual powerlifting meet hosted by THE Boss Barbell Club in Mountain View California. August 25-26, 2017. Day 1 is open ...

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