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Movies In Minutes - New Moon

Spoof of the movie trailer for New Moon from the Twilight saga. Cast: Edward - Ryan Higa Bella - Tarynn Nago Alice - Tim Enos ...

Movies In Minutes - Twilight

http://twitter.com/TheRealRyanHiga By huge request, here is Twilight. Edward - Ryan Higa Bella - Tarynn Nago James - Tim Enos ...


OMG ! This Asian Girl Looks Exactly Like Tarynn Nago From Nigahiga's Videos. Leave A Comment Below Telling Me If You Think ...

Ryan Higa and Tarynn Nago

awhhhhh(: comment, rate, subscribee(:


One of my favorite tv shows! If you haven't seen it yet, go check it out! Sorry the video is a bit longer than you're probably use to.

Slideshow Of The Most Recent Pictures Of Tarynn Nago As Of August 2010

I'm a huge fan of Tarynn Nago and this is my little tribute and dedication to her, she is so cute.

Ryan Higa and Tarynn Nago

ok i am NOT Tarynn, im just tired of getting messages and comments saying "ryans mine" and "back off" and stuff like that.

The Competition Of Nigahiga Hosted By Ryan Higa, Tarynn and Sean

They're suposed to see who can say " Toy Boat" 5 times- Sean Wins SINGAPORGAL2007 PRODUCTIONS Together ...

Ryan Higa and Tarynn Nago

Ryan and Tarynn's relationship pictures.

Ryan Higa Interview In The Backseat

Ryan Higa on girls, haters, money and more! Visit our channel for more videos http://youtube.com/clicknetworktv Website ...

Movies In Minutes - The Grudge

"Who is that? What does she want from us!?" Tim Enos Sean Fujiyoshi Ryan Higa Tarynn Nago For those of you who are asking, ...

How Not To Flirt ft. Ryan Higa

Paul: Ryan Higa https://www.youtube.com/nigahiga Sarah: Arden Cho https://www.youtube.com/ardenbcho Directed by: Eunice ...

Draw My Life - Ryan Higa

So i was pretty hesitant to make this video... but after all of your request, here is my Draw My Life video! Wrote a book ...

Daily Life of Ryan Higa

i jus made this video because i was really bored and had nothing better to do. i didnt make it that good because i didnt care.

Evolution of Nigahiga

a clip from every nigahiga video from Circle Circle Dot Dot to Sean Returns Heres Ryans Channel ...

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