Tim Hudak – video

Tim Hudak: Reflecting on Leadership

After resigning as Ontario PC leader, Tim Hudak introduced a private member's bill to bring the sharing economy above board.

Tim Hudak: A Jobs Plan for Ontario?

Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak tells Steve Paikin why the legislature should pass his Million Jobs Act and how his candidates are ...

Your Vote 2014: Tim Hudak

Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak tells Steve Paikin why he thinks it's time for a change at Queen's Park.

Tim Hudak: On Healthcare

Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak tells Steve Paikin about his party's latest policy discussion paper on the reform of ...

Who is Tim Hudak?

From the HST to eco-fees and smart meters, is the Teflon starting to wear off the Dalton McGuinty Liberals? The Progressive ...

PC Leader Tim Hudak on his 'Million Job Plan'

PC Leader Tim Hudak outlines his ideas for his controversial "Million Job Plan" in Toronto.

OREA CEO Tim Hudak 2019 Year in Review

2019 was a historic year for OREA, our Members and Ontario home buyers and sellers. This is our story.

Tim Hudak: Time for an Election?

Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak says the selection of a new premier hasn't righted the direction of the Liberal government. He sits ...

PC leader Tim Hudak on provincial election, platform

PC leader Tim Hudak sits down with Breakfast Television's Dina Pugliese and Kevin Frankish to talk about the provincial election ...

Your Vote 2011: Tim Hudak

Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak sits down with Steve Paikin to defend his party's platform.

Tim Hudak OREA CEO on the future of real estate associations and the MLS

Tim Hudak is the Chief Executive Officer of OREA (Ontario Real Estate Association) in Canada. In this interview, Tim shares his ...

Tim Hudak talks unions

PC Leader Tim Hudak talks unions at a campaign stop in Ottawa.

Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak, a Politic

A look at the background of Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak from his beginnings in Fort Erie Ontario to his ...

OREA REALiTY 360 - CEO Tim Hudak talks about HER&D

OREA CEO Tim Hudak talks about the work that the OREA Government Relations team has been doing to help put the brakes on the ...

A look at Tim Hudak's inner sanctum

http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/ A look inside Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak's campaign bus.

INTERVIEW: Tim Hudak on his jobs plan, Wynne & Horwath

In this uncut interview, CityNews political specialist Cynthia Mulligan sits down with Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak to talk about his ...

Tim Hudak and Ontario PCs propose booze in corner stores

Wed, Dec 5: Ontario's Leader of the Official Opposition, Tim Hudak, visits The Morning Show to talk about his sweeping changes ...

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